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Menopause Hair Loss

menopause hair lossAs our trained Trichologist will tell you many women suffer from menopause hair loss. The first symptoms you may notice will be thinning of hair around the front and sides of your scalp or areas of baldness on your scalp or maybe clumps of hair coming out when you wash or brush your hair. Although most women wouldn’t automatically think of menopause hair loss, the hormonal changes during menopause can cause all sorts of unexpected effects on the body including hair loss.

Menopause Hair Loss – What causes it?

The hormones oestrogen and testosterone have the most important influence on hair growth in both men and women. During the menopause a women’s levels of oestrogen decrease. This hormone is important for promoting hair growth which is why menopause hair loss can play a part in hair thinning. While oestrogen levels drop, testosterone levels increase disproportionately causing the hair that does grow to be thinner than before. Other factors of hair loss during menopause can be stress related. Please also bear in mind that just because you are going through menopause it could be a coincidence that hair loss is happening because there are other causes of hair loss. These include factors as simple as your diet which is why we would always recommend seeing a trained trichologist who will be able to carry out tests to see exactly what is causing hair loss as it might not be menopause hair loss at all. We are sure you will agree that it is important to get to the root of the problem in order to find the most effective hair loss treatment.

Menopause hair loss – what would be the first step?

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Menopause Hair loss

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