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Male hair loss

Male Hair LossThere comes a time in most males lives when they suffer from some kind of male hair loss. The causes of this can be old age, hereditary or an actual illness. What this means is that male hair loss is one of the most common things a male will suffer in their lifetime.


Male hair loss – what can be done?

Male hair loss is a condition that most males will deal with without any problems however for some males it is a condition that can have a massive effect on both their work life’s and indeed everyday life. It can be a real concern and be very stressful. Nowadays with the advance in technology and the advance in the research that has been carried out male hair loss is simply something that need not be a concern to anyone if they do not wish it to be. Simple changes to lifestyle, hair products, diet could have a massive effect on the loss of hair. It is not unusual to be able to slow down these effects by simply changing any of these. For growing back the hair a course of vitamins can be really effective or ultimately a hair transplant and luckily the later is now more cost effective than it has ever been, it is no longer a procedure only affordable by the rich and famous like pop stars or football players. At our clinic we see males suffering from male hair loss from all different types of backgrounds who more than always have different reasons why this is having a effect on them. With the different treatment options available we have always managed to help resolve this problem giving them a treatment plan that is suitable to both their lifestyle and budget meaning it is no longer a case of take it or leave it.

Male hair loss – what treatments are suitable to me?

If you are suffering from male hair loss we are delighted to offer many different treatments to find out what would be more suited to you is easy, simply call our clinic on 0141 280 2656 and arrange a FREE consultation with one of our male hair loss specialists.