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Laser hair transplants

laser hair transplantsTRANSPLANT FINANCE AVAILABLEWhen it comes to laser hair transplants it is not uncommon for people to think about some sort of magical lights that instantly start growing back hair, something you might see in any science fiction movie.  However for years now lasers have been widely used in a variety of different industries including medicine. Hair loss treatments are no different, the laser light used in promoting hair growth is defined as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

Laser hair transplants – how does it work?

We could get very technical here even bordering on scientific so let’s try and explain in Leigh mans terms. Red laser light therapy has been used as a hair loss treatment for years, it quite simply stimulates the scalp which generates new and healthier cells increasing hair quality. The light stimulates the blood supply in the scalp. What clients see is fuller and thicker hair and a halt to the progression of actual hair loss. No surgical procedure is involved and it is perfectly safe and pain free. Not only is laser hair transplants perfect for male and female hair loss it can also help with psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis and itchy/scaling scalps. Now for the science bit, please don’t get lost here, when the laser light is absorbed by target tissue molecules, the energy level of the molecules is increased and the molecules respond by ‘working off’ the excess energy with adaptive changes because the changes in the molecules are brought about by phototherapy, chemical changes are said to be due to ‘photochemistry’ and physical changes to ‘photophysics.’ OK thats enough of the science, quite simply laser hair transplants are pain free and work!

Laser hair transplants – what’s the first step?

Firstly, like all our customers that have went through laser hair transplants an appointment with our trichologist will need to be made. This is easy, simply call us today on 0141 280 2656 for a FREE initial consultation.