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Female Hair Transplants

Lady - Replace Hair in GlasgowHas your confidence suffered because you have hair loss and don’t feel good about yourself?  Replace Hair in Glasgow appreciate that this, we offer a variety of treatments for both male and female in our Clinic.  We can carry out anything from Hair Transplant through to Hair Replacement and Biofibre Hair Transplant.

Normally it is males that you read about in the newspaper getting hair transplants, however, there is no shame in admitting that you require treatment for your scalp.  Hair replacement can appear natural, if done properly; this can be for eyebrows, hair on your head etc.  Our Trichologist will assess the area that you want treated, we will then make our best recommendation.

Fifty to one hundred hairs are lost each day, unless you are replacing these, you could have an area that appears bald and patchy.  In this case, we would normally go to the chemist and ask for specialist shampoo and conditioner.  If there is a medical condition, shampoo isn’t going to fix it long term.

If you decide to get a Hair Transplant, it is not an overnight miraculous fix.  It reportedly takes two to three months for the new hair to grow in, it should take six to nine months for the hair to thicken and feel normal.  We think it’s important to draw your attention to this as otherwise; you make an appointment, expect to walk out with a full head of glossy hair.  These surgical procedures take time.

Bad diet, alcohol and smoking can reduce the graft survival, after the treatment, so we discuss after care with you, if and when you decide to go ahead.  You will have a dedicated point of contact and you can split the cost via the interest free payment option that we offer.  If you make an appointment for a consultation, we can go through all this with you.  To apply is very simple and we will ensure we recommend a potentially lasting solution for your hair loss condition.

Replace Hair is in Glasgow on Bath Street, we are close to the Glasgow Train Stations, Subways and Bus Stops.  Our Clinic is recognised as being one of the best in Glasgow City and we are proud of the reviews and testimonials we have from clients.