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Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

alopecia-hair-loss-treatmentWhen it comes to alopecia hair loss treatment, our hair loss clinic in Glasgow is highly experienced with very compassionate staff who are very aware of the stress and anxiety caused when searching for an alopecia hair loss treatment that is absolutely fit for you.

Alopecia hair loss treatment – are there choices?

Our fully qualified and trained trichologist will always carry out the very first hair loss treatment consultation, so an alopecia hair loss treatment consultation is no different. Our hair loss trichologist recognises that the correct hair loss diagnosis is the basis for successful and permanent hair loss treatment. That is why we have developed a very unique diagnostic system for male and female alopecia hair loss which combines the diagnosis to the alopecia hair loss treatment. She will examine each case individually and do an alopecia test, before determining the alopecia hair loss treatment plan. There are different types and severity of alopecia hair loss, the good news is that in most cases the hair does grow back naturally however in some severe cases some sort of hair replacement treatment is required, this will be determined during the alopecia hair loss treatment consultation.

If you believe you are suffering from alopecia hair loss our trichologist will advise on what treatment or combination of treatments may work best for you. Alopecia hair loss treatment will vary on how long it will take before you see results. With this in mind the disease has varied effects on everyday life particularly for children and their parents, teens, and young adults, we can advise on anything from a hair transplant, wig or hairpiece, a hair-coloured powder or cream. Our caring staff absolutely understand the emotional aspects of living with hair loss but most people with alopecia areata are contented people living full lives, we will help you take away any stigma that remains out there it should not interfere with playing, going to school, sports, pursuing any career, working, marrying or raising a family.

Alopecia hair loss treatment – find out what’s right for you

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