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Trichology Hair Loss Clinic

A trichologist is someone who has studied and is qualified in the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair. Once qualified a trichologist can help in the running of a trichology hair loss clinic, so if you are even considering visiting a hair loss clinic make sure they have a trained trichologist who will carry out any consultations.

Trichology Hair Loss Clinic – Reasons To Consult a Trichologist

Because hair loss, it’s causes and treatments are so wide and varied getting the opinion from a trichologist should really be the first step anyone should take. With so many hair clinics and treatments available make sure if you visit a trichology hair loss clinic it is a trained and qualified trichologist you see or if you are considering any form of treatment seek the opinion of a trichologist first. A trained trichologist will not only be able to advise on causes and treatments they also understand a patients anxiety which in turn should lead to a sympathetic handling of any situation they might find themselves in.

A trichologists training also affords them to offer advice on any problems of the scalp, from dandruff to more serious inflammatory conditions.

They will take into consideration poor diet, allergies to food which can all be responsible to the shedding of dead skin cells. Hair tecture problems due to over exposure of chemicals and even with things such as using the correct shampoo for any particular individual a qualified trichologists advice can be given. A trichologists training overlaps both the cosmetic and medical areas which may not be covered by your doctor or hairdresser.

Trichology Hair Loss Clinic – advice on hair transplants

Where appropriate a trained trichologist can give advice to those patients wishing to get added hair from wigs, weaving extensions or for grafting (hair transplant).

Make sure the trichology hair loss clinic has a practicing and qualified trichologist like we have here at our Glasgow Clinic. Likewise, information, guidance and support is also given to those people who have lost hair through medical surgery or treatments such as chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

For details of registered trichologists in Glasgow contact the Institute of Trichcologists or call our clinic and make an appointment with our trained trichologist one of only a few in the Glasgow area.