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Mens Hair Treatments Birmingham

Men react differently to losing their hair, some are indifferent, some feel insecure about the fact it is a sign of ageing.  The fact is it can be a stressful, psychological time for any man who notices their hair falling out.  At Replace Hair Clinic with branches throughout the UK we can help.  We work with male and female patients every week to discuss hair loss and establish the reasons why it is happening to you.  Our Birmingham clinic are conveniently located in the City Centre and have late evening and weekend appointments to suit your lifestyle.

Mens Hair Replacement Issues

There are many reasons why a mans hair could fall out, it could be a medical issue, you could have had an accident (and recovering) or it could be in your genes and it was inevitable.  We always recommend that you come into our Clinic (nearest one to you) and get a skin and hair follicle test.  This will help us find out about your scalp and increase the chances of discussing the right procedure with you.

Mens Hair Treatment Options

Some of the treatments we offer are:

We offer both surgical and non-surgical hair treatments, you should be able to live your life to the fullest and enjoy each day.  Losing your hair can dampen some people’s confidence and make you feel uneasy in social situations.  We want to help remove this barrier as the good news is, there are treatments and procedures available.  They are priced reasonably so you don’t have to be a football player or reality TV celebrity to be able to afford it.  Ask the question and find out the information re cost and reality of what is possible for you.

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We will get you into the Clinic as soon as possible, please check out our website and feel free to ask any questions.  Our staff are approachable and will help you as much as possible.