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Many people suffer from hair thinning, hair balding or hair loss which leaves them anxious and stressed? Just searching for an affordable hair regrowth treatment in Hammersmith and Fulham can feel very emotional and daunting. Search no more you will be relieved to know our hair loss clinic is here to help. Our professional yet compassionate hair clinic team are highly skilled and will work tirelessly with you providing proven hair loss solution! So STOP feeling anxious or stressed about hair loss, hair balding or hair thinning and let our expert team relieve the anxiety, by offering honest, simple, straight forward advice, with little medical jargon in a language you will understand during any discussion relative to hair loss treatments or hair transplants. Our fully trained trichologist is backed up by a team of doctors, healthcare professionals and some of the very best hair transplant surgeons you will find in the UK. Our whole team have been instrumental in hair loss research. Now is the time to STOP feeling stressed about your hair loss and put your trust in us, at OUR hair regrowth clinic right here in Hammersmith and Fulham.




Hair regrowth treatments in Hammersmith and Fulham

Most patients seem surprised when they find that male hair thinning or hair loss and female hair balding is very common. We can assure you that you are not suffering alone. We are passionate in our beliefs, we strongly feel that no one should suffer from any form of hair loss or take it for granted, let alone be anxious or stressed. Nowadays there is a great choice of treatment options available from simple hair regrowth supplements to full surgical or non-surgical hair transplantations. What does vary is the many different reasons patients decide on hair regrowth, it could be purely cosmetic reasons. They might have been unlucky recently and been involved in an accident or are suffering Some from some medical condition, Hair thinning or hair fallout also happens or when patients are taking certain medicines or they have been going through some form of medical treatment or cure. No matter the reason our aim is to find a hair loss treatment which is best suited to each individual patient. We successfully work in both male hair loss and male hair balding, female hair thinning or when sudden bald patches appear on the head. Patients gender or age is no barrier. Our highly skilled hair transplant surgeons, doctors and healthcare staff between them are carrying out many different hair regrowth treatments in surroundings which you will find pleasant, relaxed and stress free. Our hair thinning clinic in Hammersmith and Fulham lives and breathes hair loss, whilst being compassionate and understanding at the same time, our patients are our number one priority. We keep them fully informed from the word go, right from the initial hair loss consultation, through the hair regrowth treatment and the excellent aftercare as well. Highly experienced in all forms of hair thinning or hair balding from the most common female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss. We treat all sorts of male hair balding and female hair thinning. No matter Ii you have only started noticing the early signs of hair thinning on the head, the temples and crowns. If you have had bald patches or baldness for a while around the back and sides of the head, and are simply not going to accept getting a haircut to suit, wearing a hat or scarf or shaving your head. You may have been put off by hearing that some hair balding or hair loss is hereditary, this is true, and is most common in males or females who have oversensitive hair follicles. Remember complete baldness is NOT inevitable, so do not worry we can help!



Hair regrowth at our Hammersmith and Fulham Hair Loss Clinic.

In the past, only for the rich and famous, hair transplants are more common now than ever. People really don’t have much knowledge on things such as Non – Surgical Hair Transplantations, these are immensely popular mainly due to advances in technology. Laser technology has seen our hair transplant surgeons carry out laser hair transplants using lasers to stimulate energy and blood supply to the scalp which in turn stimulates hair re-growth, leaving the male or female patient with much fuller, thicker hair. This procedure is ideal for any type of hair thinning or hair balding and is pretty quick and very safe. The hair transplantation works well with patients suffering from psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis producing great results. Bio fibre hair transplants are popular for both males and females. This hair transplantation is also safe, quick and effective and it the leaves patients feeling and looking great. Natural thick hair that looks and feels fantastic. surgical or non-surgical hair regrowth treatments are an everyday occurrence for us. Our hair loss clinic in Hammersmith and Fulham can handle even the simplest of hair regrowth plans ranging from a simple courses of hair supplements or products, right through to full female and male hair transplantations. Our team will strive to deliver the very best results, quickly, efficiently and economically and on budget, with as little disturbance to peoples busy lifestyles. No matter how hectic your lifestyle or your gender or age we can help. Our hair transplant surgeons pioneering work on all hair regrowth plans have stood up to the closest scrutiny. We are not fearful and will embrace the latest techniques such as Platelet Plasma Therapy. This is a relatively new hair transplant procedure and is suitable for both males and females it is a non-surgical procedure and works very well with patients suffering from alopecia hair loss.



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Hair regrowth clinic in Hammersmith and Fulham

Centrally situated and ideal for people who live, work, commute or live nearby London and in particular Hammersmith and Fulham. Why don’t you take advantage today of our FREE hair regrowth consultation, carried out by our fully trained trichologist, patient confidentiality is very important to us so please don’t just pop in, call to arrange a time and day or night that suits you. We know people’s busy lifestyles which is why this can be done out of hours, at the weekend or during a bank holidays. Call our Hammersmith and Fulham hair thinning clinic and get back that full head of hair you deserve!




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