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Hair transplants

transplants before and after 2TRANSPLANT FINANCE AVAILABLEAs a leading clinic in Glasgow for Hair transplants we pride ourselves in giving all of our customers a sympathetic and stress free experience. With literally thousands of hair transplants carried out over the years we really do have a vast amount of very satisfied customers to our name. We absolutely understand how hair loss can really effect a person’s everyday life both in a social environment as well as professional environment as well.


Hair transplants – is this suitable for me?

Not everyone we speak to needs or ends up needing hair transplants. If we feel, after an initial consultation, that some other process is best suited we will advise on what that procedure may be, how long it will take and what would be the expected results. However, hair transplants are often looked at as a last resort because in most people’s eyes hair transplants are very expensive and only for the rich and famous, with us this is simply not the case, we have procedures that will suit most lifestyles and budgets. We carry out different hair transplants depending on what we feel would be best suited to that particular client. Each of our surgeons are very experienced in this field having carried out over 8000 hair transplants and counting. Before any procedure begins we have one of only a few qualified trichologists in Glasgow who will carry out an initial hair loss consultation with all of our potential customers to determine which treatments are available to them. We are also very proud in the aftercare team who are experienced in helping all our customers that have went ahead with any of our procedures or hair transplants.

transplants before and after 3Hair transplants – what is the first step?

Before any decision can be made as to which types of hair loss treatment is best suited to you we will always need to see the patient first. This we have made very easy offering anyone an initial FREE consultation. This will help us give the very best advice as to what if any hair transplants would be needed. Our team are ready for your call to arrange to come in and see us, simply call us today on 0141 280 2656