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Hair Transplant Prices

TRANSPLANT FINANCE AVAILABLEWe are often asked about hair transplant prices before we even see the client. We do understand that this could be a very important factor for some patients before deciding on a hair transplant procedure. As well as hair transplant prices most patients are also anxious as to whether a hair transplant treatment would work. This is why at our clinic in Glasgow we offer FREE initial consultation as this will answer both these important questions; is a hair transplant the best treatment for your needs and if so what would be the hair transplant prices?

hair-transplant-pricesHair transplant prices – Even a ball-park figure?

Without seeing a patient first it is virtually impossible to give accurate hair transplant prices however what we can say is that the hair transplant prices are dependent on the levels of hair loss, the client’s aspirations and the type of hair transplant procedure undertaken. Roughly speaking initially 1000 grafts are around 4-5k with every other 1000 grafts adding around £600 to the initial 1000 graft price. Basically the more grafts that are needed during a hair transplantation the cheaper the hair transplant procedure becomes. The only sure way to be more precise on the number of grafts required and the hair transplant prices is through a private consultation, which we offer absolutely free of charge.

Hair transplant prices – how would I go about getting an accurate price?

For any hair transplant prices and to see which hair loss treatment is best suited for your own situation it is essential that we carry out a consultation to see which hair regrowth treatments are the very best for you. Which treatments are most suited for your hair loss and which are affordable to you. Our highly sympathetic staff are on hand right now so why not give them a call or fill out an online form and that will get back to you with a suitable time and date for your hair loss consultation.

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