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Hair Transplant Plean

As a hair replacement clinic in Plean we understand your anxiety and worry about hair loss, we understand your anxiety and stress as a hair replacement clinic in Plean. We can help.

Male and female hair loss – we can help

Wither it’s a medical condition or merely a decorative reason that’s behind you trying to find an alternative for male or female hair loss then look no farther than our Plean hair loss practice. It is possible to rest assured that you will be in very competent hands with thousands of procedures carried out, in our state of the art Plean practice.

Our state of the art clinic offers a relaxing and professional setting, coupled with our fully qualified staff in order to be rest assured you’ll be looked after from investigation right through the treatment process.

Male or female pattern hair loss is the most common type of hair loss. It generally starts by thinning of the hair on temples and the crown, making baldness around sides and the back of the head. In some instances, it can advance to complete baldness. As it runs in families additionally it is proven to be hereditary. It’s thought to be caused by oversensitive hair roots, to having too much of a certain male hormone linked.
Our state of the art Plean hair transplant clinic offers the best processes available anyplace in the united kingdom. Our clinical staff are completely trained in both male and female hair thinning, having already performed over 8000 hair transplant procedures to date.

Biofibre hair transplant was developed because of the efforts and results of comprehensive medical and scientific research programme and a long, it’s aesthetic surgery procedure making it really possible to obtain a high, a light, safe and powerful, entirely natural hair thickening appearance.

Laser Hair Transplant – Red Laser Light Therapy to give it its proper name is employed to excite the scalp that will generate new and more healthy cells in the scalp which then increases strength and hair quality.

It’s going to stimulate the energy and blood supply making existing hair seem thicker and much fuller. It really is classed as a non surgical procedure.

If this is a treatment that is correct for you it is worth noting it is very safe and painless. Laser hair transplant will work on both male and female hair loss. It is recommended on patients suffering from psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

At our clinic in Plean

We have the ability to deliver results quickly, economically and efficiently as we really do understand our customers need an equilibrium juggling home life’s or their busy work regardless of sex, race, age or style. Our non surgical hair replacement systems will stand up to the closest scrutiny, we are always here to ensure that all of our clients are happy with the results.
Prp treatment, also referred to as PRP Platelet Plasma Therapy is a medically proven remedy for both male and female hair loss, it’s a perfect non-surgical process and has helped with people who suffer from alopecia, hair thinning and pattern hair loss. It’s a relatively new process that has become very popular with quite a few of our customers. We are one of just a few practices in Plean which offers this as our surgeons have now finished the extreme training desired unlike most of our contest in Plean and indeed Scotland.

Hair replacement clinic Plean

Although centrally situated in Plean and easily reachable, client confidentiality is paramount to us, which can be why we ask that firstly you contact us to arrange an initial FREE hair loss consultation, please do’t only pop in as we will not manage to see you if we have other patients in the practice, we are confident you’ll comprehend how this might have a negative effect on both our present patients and continuing relationship with yourself. Our consultation appointments can be made at a time that suits yourself, even if this means out with traditional working hours.

Contact our Plean practice today on 0141 280 2656 for more information about hair transplants today and organise a FREE hair loss consultation.

Affected by hair loss?

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Female Hair Loss

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As Scotlands premier hair loss clinic, we have carried out thousands of female hair loss procedures.


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If you are looking for a solution for male hair loss then look no further than our Scotland male hair loss clinic.