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Hair transplant costs

hair transplant costsTRANSPLANT FINANCE AVAILABLEHere at our Glasgow Hair loss clinic we offer many different treatments for male or female hair loss. Each treatment varies generally a hair transplant costs would be more expensive than a course of medicine or health food diet course.

Hair transplant costs – what’s the difference?

Generally hair transplant costs vary dependent on the time and length of the treatment that we recommend. Each patient is different, things like length of hair needed or size of the area needing treated. A very common question we keep getting asked is: how much do you charge per graft? This is simply an impossible question to answer, due to the complexity of a hair restoration transplant and we would not charge by the graft anyway. As a professional hair restoration clinic we see a hair transplant as being no different  with the results dependent on the skill, training, and experience of the surgeon and of our trained trichologist and after care staff. All of our staff absolutely pride themselves on the procedures we do as we know how it brings  unbelievable joy to men and women who suffer from hair loss. In hair restoration, there are hundreds of subtleties and nuances that vary from person to person which when all brought together will determine hair transplant costs. What you will find is that  the more experienced and best trained hair transplant surgeons will charge more for their services. We hope you will agree that by paying a bit more for a real, qualified surgeon like we have here, is much better than paying for a cheaper procedure carried out by a non-surgeon which is very often the case and needs to be taken into consideration when deciding who offers the best hair transplant costs.

Hair transplant costs – what’s the first step?

Like all good hair transplant clinics the first step would be to arrange a consultation with our trained trichologist who will determine which treatments are best for you and work out an affordable hair transplant costs plan. We have made this very easy as the first appointment is absolutely FREE and can be arranged by simply calling Glasgow on 0141 280 2656.