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Hair restoration clinic

hair restoration clinicAt our Glasgow hair restoration clinic our surgeons are the most highly respected surgeons in all of the UK whilst all of our procedures are carried out in our Glasgow hair restoration clinic. What we offer is a definitive yet sensitive consultation process and a wide range of medical and surgical options for dealing with any hair restoration problem.

Hair restoration clinic – why choose us?

Firstly our very experienced team here in Glasgow are one of the most experienced and well thought of that you will find in any hair restoration clinic. We have one of the only few fully trained tichologist based in Glasgow who will take on your treatment right from the very start, she will make sure that everything is as it should be prior to any treatment beginning and will also look after all the aftercare as well.  After the treatment plan is put in place, and it involves a hair transplant procedure, every patient is designated to one of our highly experienced surgeons. All of our surgeons have dedicated themselves to the science and practice of hair transplant and hair restoration for many years. Some of our surgeons have been at the forefront of medical advances in the specialist hair transplant field for over three decades. One of our surgeons in particular was instrumental in developing the revolutionary technique of follicular unit transplant (FUT), now the mainstay of hair restoration surgery in the UK and worldwide making him a founder member of the British Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons and is the current president of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.  Protective of the hair restoration Clinic reputation for expert, personal service, our surgeons will always make themselves available to prospective clients when they come for their free, hair restoration consultation.

Hair restoration clinic – get in touch

To arrange a FREE consultation at our hair restoration clinic in Glasgow simply call us on 0141 280 2656 and we will arrange a convenient day and time for you.