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Hair replacement

hair replacementHair replacement treatment in Glasgow for hair loss comes in many different guises. Our state of the art clinic in Glasgow caters for all types of hair loss. We are here to offer a professional, genuine and honest opinion as to the best hair replacement treatments will suit your needs and budget. We have a reputation second to none and use only the safest, tried and tested treatments that are available.

Hair replacement – what are the options?

When people think of hair replacement treatments they will normally conclude that a hair transplant is the only option available, this is simply not the case. It could be that a change in hair products would be suitable or the frequent use of things like hair dyes needs to be addressed and if this doesn’t work a simple course of vitamins might be ideal. We have had great success in putting together hair treatment plans that not only work but are much more suited to a person’s lifestyle and budget. There is also some very safe, tried and tested drugs available that can help stimulate hair growth. These can be prescribed by ourselves in a safe, hassle free way, just as they would by let’s say a doctor or chemist. So if hair loss is something that is worrying you why don’t you speak to a highly skilled team, like ourselves to see what hair treatment plan would be best suited to you?

hair replacementHair replacement plan – get in touch.

We are very aware that most people will be worried sick, not just about the fact they are suffering from hair loss, but on who to turn to without making a fool of themselves. We absolutely get this which is why we offer  a FREE consultation initially, putting your mind at rest that even if it turns out that it is nothing serious at all you will not have wasted your precious time or money. To book a hair replacement consultation with one of our highly trained team call us today on 0141 280 2656.