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Hair Loss Treatment

hair loss treatmentHair loss treatment comes in many forms and guises. From simple cosmetic treatments, hair replacement vitamin courses to full hair transplants, all of which we can advice on at our hair clinic here in Glasgow. Our hair loss treatment team will give best advice on which course of treatment is best suited to you.

Hair loss treatment – what’s actually involved?

We are absolutely delighted in the fact that we have one of only a few fully qualified trichologist based here in our hair loss treatment clinic in Glasgow, she will work with you on a treatment plan to suit your needs. It might be a simple case of changing shampoos and other hair products or cutting down on some of the hair products you use, a course of vitamins that will help stimulate hair growth might also be an option after all it is not everyone that needs a full hair transplant procedure. What we do find is that everyone’s situation is unique to them which is why it is very important that any initial advice should be carried out by someone who really knows what they are talking about, in our case at our clinic this will always be carried out by our fully qualified staff who have been trained and are fully qualified in trichology. Not only that their experience in what is sure to be a delicate matter for anyone suffering hair loss will come to the fore as well. We fully understand how stressful this situation can be regardless of your age or gender, we are here to help advice in a sympathetic way, helping you take back the control and relieve the stress hair loss can cause. Our hair loss treatment team are here for you every step of the way.

Hair loss treatment – how do I know which is best for me?

With over 8000 transplants and many many more patients on different hair loss treatment plans we made the first step really easy. We offer an initial FREE first consultation, this consultation will help us device a plan suited to your needs and budget so don’t delay call today on 0141 280 2656.